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Monday, November 20, 2006

Attitudes of Gratitude...

Responses to "Prompted by Gratitude"

From Tim Warneka:

I am grateful for ....

Zen teaching me the practice of "nothing special."Coming home in the dark after a long day of work. A box of my new book on the porch ("Healing Katrina" this time...). Getting hugs and kisses from my children and my wife. Checking the voice mail to hear 3 new clients. Meeting with a coaching client in front of a fireplace .... my fireplace. Watching the lightbulbs go off in his head has he makes connections in his life. Client leaves. Talking quietly about my day with my wife as it becomes our turn to sit by the fire.

Truly a nothing special evening, one that I treasure because ....

I have a job to HAVE a long day at.
I'm blessed with the birth of a new book (after a rather difficult delivery).
Healthy children, healthy wife.
A business that is growing.
Coaching clients I enjoy working with.A fireplace! (Always wanted to coach/do therapy in front of one).
A home office (short commutes!).
A wife to share my day with.

Nothing special ... and everything special!


Tim Warneka

From Pattie Mosca:


Giving eThanks for having met youthis fall......
Happy Thanksgiving...
Keep up the good work...



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