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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Prompted by Choices

Write about choices.

That's a pretty open prompt, wouldn't you say? Go for it (and post it by hitting "comments" below).

Here's my response:

A Moral Dilemma

To pick up or not to pick up? Dog poop, that is. The obvious (and law-abiding) answer is: pick up! Of course! But do I always? I hate, loathe, am ashamed to admit that sometimes, sometimes…I don’t. I have every intention to. Really. I have my plastic bag- ready and able…but sometimes, sometimes I just don’t want to…or don’t feel like it.
I mean, how bad is it for me to not pick up my dog’s poop? Bad! It’s bad, bad, bad- I know!!! But it’s not like breaking one of the Ten Commandments, is it? I’ve never seen (engraved in an ancient tablet, that is) “Though shalt not leave one’s dog poop on public property or someone else’s lawn”, have you? Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “that’s just an excuse for irresponsible behavior”- and you’re right! It is! May God smite me, or smote me, or smoot me, or whatever the correct verbiage is in such a case. I don’t know why I sometimes don’t pick up, or think about not picking it up…Like today, for example: I was walking the dog, bag ready, and she went ahead and stopped and took a dump- a small one (in case you were wondering). I had a momentary thought of “Uhhgh- I so do not want to pick this up!” But vanity, or guilt, or God intervened by having me note that there was a person sitting on the other side of the street watching me, and that there was no way I was not going to pick up that poop that instant!
Now don’t get the wrong impression here: I am a firm believer in picking up poop (God knows- I wouldn’t want someone to leave their dog’s defects (not the right word, but the alliteration’s nice, don’t you agree?) on my lawn. And, more typically than not, I am a pooper-picker-upper. But sometimes- sometimes: I just don’t want to pick up the poop!


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