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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Prompted by Pomposity

POMPOSITY: The quality or state of being pompous; pompousness.

POMPOUS: Displaying pomp; stately; showy with grandeur; magnificent; as, a pompous procession.; Ostentatious; pretentious; boastful; vainlorious; as, pompous manners; a pompous style.

I, personally, had a week of dealing with one AMAZINGLY pompous individual. I've given said person so much head space, I need to make room to laugh him out of it!

Use the word pomposity in aliteration, or to personify an object with that quality, or however else you would like to use the word to create an acronym, poem, diddy or short story.

I invite you to post it to the blog - I could use a big LOL this week! Thanks.